Носки компрессионные медицинские с открытым носком для варикозного расширения вен 20-30 мм рт.


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Medical Compression Stocking
no harm to skin, no delayed-type hypersensivity and no cytotoxicity.

Class I :
Prevent varicose veins, apply to pregnant women.
Class II :
Apply to the patients who have obvious varicose veins of the lower limbs (venous vessels protrude from the surface of skin when standing) accompanied with leg discomfort (such as aches, fatigue or swelling in the lower limbs, itching of the eczema, cramping and numbing, pigmentation, etc.), patients with phlebitis, persons with serious varicose veins, patients after surgery of varicose veins (great and small saphenous vein dissection surgery), and patients with syndrome after the formation of deep venous thrombosis.
Class III :
Apply to high degree in swelling of the lower limbs, skin blackens and hardens, and serious enlargement of lymph nodes.

Used for professional medical treatment, mild varicosity, mild Swelling on ankle,leg and foot, reduce leg swelling during
pregnancy ,leg fatigue
Nylon filament weigh
380 mg
circular knitting
450 needles,
More user- -friendly design, Long life time
Anti- -Bacterial, Anti- -Embolism
Anti-Foul, Breathable,Eco- Friendly
Quick dry, Snagging resistance, Sweat absorbent

1.Persons need to stand for long time such as teachers, shop assistants, doctors, etc.
2.persons need to sit down for long time as white collars and civil servants.
3.persons that are often on business trips or sit aircraft.
4.obese people, persons with venous diseases of the lower limbs.
5.persons having the demands to perfect the leg shapes and having taken liposuction surgery for legs.

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