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Products Description

WXDG Vacuum & low temperature belt drying machine is a type of Dynamic automation drying equipment with feature of heating the liquid material
with continuous feeding, continuous evaporation and continuous charge in vacuum environment. Machine is including the following units: Electric and steam system, Material feed and charging system, Heating system, Material moving system, Cooling and vacuum system, Belt guiding system, Shatter and discharge system, Basic machine and CIP automatic cleaning system.

WXDG vacuum belt drying machine is widely used for drying of thermal sensitive material, such as Chinese medicine extract ointment, malt extract, instant granules, and has gained a good practical application in the field of pharmacy, food, biology and chemistry.

Water evaporation: (kg/h) sets
Specifications can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.


1. With functions of automatic batching, automatic feed, the feed rate is adjustable, the final concentration ointment density can reach to 1.3 and solid-liquid mixtures.
2. With vacuum degree on-line automatic adjustment function, dynamic vacuum degree can be arbitrarily set in the range 1000-5000 pa.
3. Have function of Online automatically adjust the heating temperature, the heating temperature can be set in the range of 45~135 ℃.
4. With continuous feeding and continuous discharge, Online crushing and grinding function, crushing level count up to 100 mesh.
5. Conveyor belt automatic online correction function, speed adjustable, drying time is up to 72 hours continuously.
6. The whole drying process realizes the pipe-lining and completely isolated from the external environment, to avoid heat pollution.
7. The whole drying process realizes automation control, reduce the labor costs, all process parameters have reversible search.
8. Use hot water closed-circuit circulation heating technology, greatly reduce the energy consumption, is only 1/5compare with the spray drier.
9. Equipped with a full set of online automatic cleaning system, can cleaning and drying of equipment fast and test the cleaning effect.

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Company Profile

We was founded in 2002, We are a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang province. We specilize in the design, production and installation of phermaceutical machnery, chemical machinery, dairy & food machinery, sanitary fuid equipment and intelligent control system for Traditional Chinese medicine (TOM).
We are the member of "China Association for Pharmaceutical equipment".

Company main products and services:
extractor and concentrator equipments, vacuum belt drying equipmenst, purifying and distillation equipment, chemiacal equipments and other non-standard equipments, pumps, fluid pipe fittings and also can provide users with automatic control DCS, Warehouse Management System WMS, manufacturing execution system MES overall planning and design, euipment installation and commissioning services, and undertake turnkey projects.

Office and Manufacturing Workshop
Company personnel: there are more than 200 employees (1 Professor, 5 senior engineers, 16 engineers, 46 technicians, 2 senior technicians, 1 technician and 12 senior workers)

Certificates and Honors
Certified by ISO9001 and ISO14000.
We have got 3 invention patents and 45 new practical letters patents in pharmaceutical machinery, three national key new products, one National Torch Program project, One national technology innovation fund project for small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, onekey innovation fund project.

Customer Case


Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: wenxiong industry is a professional manufacturer, we have more than 15years experience in pharmaceutical machine field.

Q: Where is your factory located?
A: We are located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. 1 hour flight to Shanghai, 2 hour to Guangzhou, 2.5 hour to Beijing, welcome to visit our factory.

Q: what is your business scope?
A: Active pharmaceutical ingredients, Herbal extracts, Western Medicine, Beverage, Dairy and Food.

Q: How could we confirm the details of the products?
A: Drawings will be provided for you to confirm.

Q: Will you change us for drafting if we have specail requests?
A: No, we will not. Free of charge to make a draft or offer. ODM

Q: How long the warranty will be?
A: 1 year warranty.

Q: How about the installation? And what if the machine goes down
A: Yes, we will do that. There are two options:
a. We could appoint our engineer to your company to debug and repair, as for the cost of this trip such as ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost shall be on your side.
b. On-line service will be provided. If still under guarantee period, the necessary accessories and parts will be provided free, but the transportation cost of it shall be on you side.

Q: Do you take L/C?
A: Yes, we accept Western Union, T/T and irrevocable L/C payable

Q: Can we become your distributor in our country?
A: Yes, we very welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.

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