Настольная вертикальная машина для нанесения этикеток на пакеты Autobag предварительной упаковки рулонных пакетов


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Product Description

Table Packing Sealing Machine
1. The sealing is firm The sealing and cutting knife specially developed according to the characteristics of the express bag, the knife preheats quickly, the knife does not stick to the film during sealing, and the bag does not break, ensuring the sealing is firm and beautiful;
2. Save labor, only one person needs to operate, and it can pack 1500 bags per hour;Desktop Vertical Bagging Labeling Machine Autobag Poly Bagger Pre-opened Roll Bag Packing Machine Pe Poly Bag Sealing Machine
3. In addition to static electricity, scientific and technological means are used to effectively eliminate static electricity hazards, work smoothly and reliably, and improve work efficiency;
4. High security Anti-pinch, anti-scalding, anti-misoperation, safe to use
5. Optional labeling machine and scanning gun.


Packing bag size mm
Packing bag thickness mm
Packing speed pcs/min
Power KW
Size mm

Machine Structure

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Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Company Profile

Zhengzhou Haokang focusing on the planning, R&D and production of intelligent production lines for downstream packaging, it has senior planning engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers and senior assembly, commissioning, and after-sales service teams.we have software professional technical personnel, a team of university teachers, a production line planning engineering team of manufacturing enterprises, and a marketing team.

Our team has provided a complete set of solutions for a number of manufacturing enterprises in the production line packing machine, liquid filling machine, carton sealing machine, OEM packing line, food processing machine and other related machine,Desktop Vertical Bagging Labeling Machine Autobag Poly Bagger Pre-opened Roll Bag Packing Machine Pe Poly Bag Sealing Machine

Why Choose Us


Q1. What are the main key points for selecting right machines?
A1: Whole structure,Motor&Pump,and Control system. As the new buyer, please kindly know that price not the final point.Good quality is for long-term business cooperation.

Q2. Can you provide OEM service for packing machine?
A2: Yes, most of packing machine need to be customized as detailed request, because raw material , size , production usage, machine speed, then machine specification will be some different.

Q3. How about the quality control?
A3: Our company adopts 6S system to control every part with passed ISO9001:2000, CE,TUV/BV(Alibaba) Certificate.

Q4. How about the after-sale service?
A4: We provide 18 months free warranty and free technical support for the whole life of any machine. During warranty period, if parts are broken, we can send the new ones freely.

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