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Product Description

Product Type
Grade A Quality Clothes
Cotton/ Polyamide/ Spandex/Silk
Mixed Sizes
Shangkun Used Clothes
Main Market
25 countries of Africa
5 countries of Southeast Asia
5 countries of South America
Nigeria, Angola, Cameroon, Benin,Togo,Gabon,
Ghana, Ivory Coast,Liberia
Mozambique, Tanzania,Kenya,Uganda,Zambia,Rwanda,
Congo-Kinshasa, Congo- Brazzaville
Transparent (Waterproof)/ White Woven Membrane/ Orange Woven Membrane
50% deposit, 50% before loading
Packing Details
45kg-100kg/Bale or According To Your Requirement
Silk/Cotton Dress, Silk/Cotton/Jeans Skirt, Jean/Cotton Pants, Legging, Party Dress, Night Dress, Silk/Cotton Blouse,
Short/Long-Sleeved T-shirt, Brassiere, Silk Scarf, Jacket, Cardigan Sweater, Worsted Coat Etc.
Jean/Cotton Pants, Suit Pants, Short Pants, Short/Long-Sleeved T-shirt, Jacket, Suits Etc.
Summer/Winter Wear , School Uniform , Pants Etc.

Packing & Delivery


sorted summer used clothing for men, used clothes for ladies and children summer wear!
1. Sorting standard of A grade quality: No stain, no torn, no pilling, no hole, no over-used,
no fade... what we offer is only offer good condition, fashion style, colorful and clean!
2. Correct sorting ways make us have regular buyers over 40 countries.
3. Factory owner, directly control quality and production by ourselves.
4. Over 100 kinds of items for your selection.
5. Each country has its own particular equirements, we can adjust the lassification accordingly.
6. Various kinds of package as100kg, 80kg, 50kg or 45kg...etc. for your different requirement

How To Guarantee The Qualiy Of Clothes?
1)Raw materials are sourced from first-tier cities in china (such as Jiang su, Shanghai,Changzhou,Wuxi)
With abundant supply, rich colors and diverse styles. Long -term sta-bility
2)Check the quality of raw materials before unloading. If the quality is not up to stan-dard, we will refuse
3)We always adhere to high standards from raw materials to sorting aperations.
4)The workers have at ieast there years of skill and experience
5)Quality inspectiors have been carrying out produection line inspection to ensure prod-uct quality

How Many Bags Can 40HQ Container Hold?
A:CLOTHING CONTAINERS:100KG/bale 280(28tons)90kg/bale:300(28 tons)80kg/bale:350(28 tons)
75kg/bale:370(28 tons)65kg/bale:620(28 tons)etc
B:FOOTWEAR CONTAINERS:25kg/gunny bags,900bags
C:LEATHER BAG CONTAINERS:50kg/gunny bag 420 bags(21 tons)

Q:How many days does it take to complete a 40HQ container?
15 days

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