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Working table
1.High precision CNC fixed working table,
2.Special designed small pneumatic wheel carriers ,the metal sheet to be cut
may slide along the machine body for easy loading,
3.Strip working table; Steel material,put cutting sheet on it .

CYPCUT CNC lasercontrol system
Supporting AutoCAD,Coreldrawfile in dxf, plt format. Capable of setting cutting parameters in different layers;Nesting function can help to maximize the material use-ratio.

Cutting Head
Raytools brand registered in Switzerland. High accuracy and efficiency and stable.

Laser generator
Raycusis No.1 Laser source brand in China. It was supported by Chinese government and cooperated with Chinese military industry.

Product Paramenters

Fiber laser cutting head
RayTools Auto-Focus Function & Height Adjust System
Control System
Machine bed
Industrial class seamless square tube strong structure
Beam(X axis)
Cast aluminum beam
Working Table
Servo motor system
Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Planetary reducer
Taiwan Liming
Guide rail
Taiwan guide rail
Transmit system
Helical rack and pinion
Working Voltage


Materials: Cutting a wide variety of metal plates, tubes, mainly applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, a variety of alloy plates, rare metal and other materials cutting.
Industry: kitchen ware, lamps and lanterns, panel beating, metal cabinets, auto parts, refrigerators, air condition, elevators, hotel metal supplies processing, etc.

Company Profile

Our Company
CHENCAN Machinery was founded in 1998 to help manufacturing industry add more power and flexibility to their production lines with well-built, affordable CNC machinery. all chencan machines are equipped with best-in-class components from widely respected,state-of-the-art companies. This enables us to provide exceptional quality and reliability We support each machine with great warranties, extensive parts inventory, top-of-the-line components and dependable service throughout the worldwide.Our factory and head office are Located in Shandong, China, Owning 2000squre meters factory and over 200workers. Specialized in manufacturing and exporting any kind of CNC routers, including High-level Auto-tool Changer CNC Machine Center, Simple ATC by Multi-workstage CNC Router, Professional and Wide application Woodworking CNC Routers, 3D (Three-dimensional) Cylindrical Material Carving and Milling CNC Router,4Axis & 5axis CNC Machine, Multi-head CNC Engraving Machine, Foam/EPS/Wood Molding CNC Machinery for Mould, CNC Wood Turning Lath, CNC Router with Plasma Metal Cutting Function Machine etc.



For more information, please contact us
Mobile/Whatsapp: +8618753475557

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