Дорожное оборудование для отслеживания направления ветра и образования энергии


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QY-FGL-01 Training Device of Wind Direction Tracking
and Wind Power Generation

1Product Description
The product photo above is just for your reference because it might be different from the real product due to the updating and allocation.
This experimental device simulates wind direction and change of wind force in laboratory, which is developed on the basis of that wind driven generator system checks wind direction and wind force, and track wind direction and generate electricity. It is applicable to technical secondary school, vocational school and trade school, which can complete wind power generation and use course experiment to conduct practical training. This system is an ideal product for school to set up specialty of wind power generation.
2 Basic Technical Index
1. Environment temperature: When using, 0~40℃, and when keeping, 0~70℃
2. Relative humidity: 35~85%RH (no moisture condensation)
3. Ambient air: Free from corrosive, combustible gas, and large quantity of dust with electrical conductivity
4. Power supply: Three-phase four-wire system AC380V±5%, 50Hz, good grounding
5. Working power supply: AC220V±5%, DC24V
6. Power consumption: ≤5KW
3 Product Feature
This system utilizes Siemens S7-200 as control core which is provided with A/D and D/A modules and owns function of analog input/output. It separately control output frequency of two frequency converters to adjust revolving speed of windmill motor and air blower in a bid to change direction and strength of wind. Wind power generation system test wind direction and strength on line, and transmit to PLC, then conduct real-time control over cabin tracking wind direction after calculation by PLC, realizing tracking in allusion to wind direction. Wind driven generator generates electricity on line.
5 Supportable experiment
1、Experiment on brake control
2、Experiment on adjustment and control of fan working wind speed
3、Experiment on automatic operation of windmill
4、Experiment on control of windmill & fan combination
5、Experiment on control of servo system
6、Experiment on control of servo system of band brake
7、Experiment on self-control wind tracking and wind power generation

Ambient temperature
When using, 0~40℃, and when keeping, 0~70℃
Relative humidity
35~85%RH (no moisture condensation)
Ambient air
Free from corrosive, combustible gas, and large quantity of dust with electrical conductivity

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