1000 Вт микроволновый трансформатор генератор магнетронного отопления источник


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Product Paramenters

YB-MP1000SF series power wiring instructions
1. The input adopts three-wire system 220VAC, wiring according to the marking on the power supply, when multiple units are connected in parallel, Access in turn
2. Two red silicone wires are output for filament high voltage input, which are connected to the FA and F terminals of the magnetron respectively. Even without distinguishing polarity
3. The high-voltage ground wire terminal and the magnetron housing must be connected by a wire (the high-voltage ground wire of the power supply must be connected to the magnetron shell),It must be separately connected to the corresponding magnetron casing to avoid crosstalk between the high voltage output current of the power supply).If you need to test the anode current, select a DC current meter with a range of 0.5A and connect it in series between the high-voltage ground terminal and the magnetron housing.
4. The input safety ground wire and the magnetron high-voltage ground need to be separately connected to the public power source, to prevent electricity leakage causes personal injury

Filament current 
output power 
input voltage 
Annode Voltage
magnetron drive 

Products Description

1. Constant current output
The power output is designed in constant current mode, and the service life of the magnetron can reach more than 2 years
2. adopts constant and adjustable dual-mode integration
Constant and adjustable mode can be freely switched between dual modes without modification of software and hardware
3. Power regulation can be linearly adjustable
When the power supply is running in adjustable mode, the output power regulation can achieve linear regulation
4. Small size and light weight
5. Fan automatic speed adjustment
The fan speed is different according to the program setting of different power, the higher the power, the faster the fan speed
6. Comprehensive protection functions
The product integrates six protection functions: AC RMS over-voltage and under-voltage protection; input over-current protection;
temperature protection; overload protection; surge protection

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Shaanxi Qinglang Wancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 28, 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. In 2019, it was awarded a national high-tech enterprise. The company currently has 32 people, including 15 R&D and technical
people, 11 people with a master's degree or above, and 25 people with a bachelor's degree or above. The company has a complete product development, production, sales, engineering construction, system operation and maintenance and management team.

Company goal: Focus on physical environmental protection technology, focus on research and development of high-efficiency, low-cost, low-power waste gas, wastewater, sludge, and solid waste treatment equipment, and
integrate them into multi-industry process packages to provide more effective solutions to environmental protection issues.
Intellectual property rights:
a total of 497 applications, 203 inventions, 271 utility models, 9 appearances, 14 trademarks, 116 have been authorized, and the intellectual property layout in the field of microwave physics and environmental protection has been initially completed.

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