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Our Advantages

1.diode laser hair removal three wavelength will match four different spot size . it is 12*12 , 12*24 , 12*36 and nose hair,when you swich the handle head ,the software will automatically match and calibration and keep the same energy intensity.
2.Ours is an advanced optical shaping solution that uses optical lens technology + FAC, so that there is no loss of light source and no light leakage. Optical path length from 90mm shorten it to 20mm. After shortening, the cooling transmission is faster. The handle is smaller and lighter
3. One handle enables to match different spot sizes
4. The handle is light and small, so your hands will not get tired during long-term operation.
5. Specially designed optical path, high light conversion efficiency.
6. The machine automatically identifies different spot size to ensure that the effect is real and effective .

1. Efficient Hair Removal: The 808nm laser technology penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicles directly, swiftly and effectively removing unwanted hair.
2. Safe and Painless: Cooling technology is employed to reduce discomfort during the treatment, making the hair removal process more comfortable without the need for anesthesia.
3. Long-lasting Results: The hair removal effect is long-lasting, achieving the goal of long-term smooth skin and reducing the need for frequent hair removal.
4. Wide Applicability: Suitable for various skin types and hair colors, including dark and coarse hair, with high versatility.
5. Fast Treatment: Each pulse has a wide coverage area, ensuring a quick treatment suitable for large areas.
6. Non-Invasive: 808nm laser hair removal is non-invasive, requiring no surgery, reducing risks and recovery time.
7. Adjustable Parameters: Operators can adjust laser parameters according to the client's needs and skin type to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Laser Type
Diode Laser
808nm/ 755nm +808nm+ 1064nm/755 808 940 1064nm (Optional)
1-120J/cm2 (adjustable)
Application Head
Sapphire crystal
Pulse Duration
1-400ms (adjustable)
Repetition Rate
1-10 Hz
Cooling System
Wind cooling + water cooling+ semiconductor cooling
Laser Power
500W / 600W 800W 1200W 1800W
Output power
Spot Size
12×12mm / 12×24mm / 12×36mm
Handle temperature
-10℃ - +10℃
Power Supply
110V~200V (Adjustable)


Approved Medical CE ISO13485 and medical-device-Registration Number :3021315370GEX

Online Customization

We offer a professional OEM solution for 808nm laser hair removal beauty devices, designed to meet the personalized needs of different customers while ensuring high-quality products and services. Here are the key features of our OEM program:
1.Customized Exterior Design:We can customize the exterior design to match the client's brand, including colors, logos, and packaging.
2.Customized Technical Specifications: Clients can customize technical specifications to meet different skin types and hair removal requirements based on their market needs and target audience.
3.Quality Control: We have strict quality control processes in place to ensure that each customized device meets the highest standards and complies with relevant certifications.
4.Efficient Production: Our advanced equipment and high production efficiency can accommodate large-scale custom orders.
5.Professional Support Team: We have an experienced technical support and after-sales team that provides training,
maintenance,and technical support.
6.Confidentiality Agreement: We commit to maintaining the confidentiality of client's business secrets and OEM cooperation information.


Company Profile


Q1: What Is Your Company's Experience in Manufacturing Beauty Devices?A1: We have 17 years of experience in manufacturing beauty devices.

Q2: Do You Offer OEM Services for Your Beauty Devices?
A2: Yes, we offer OEM services for our beauty devices, allowing you to customize products with your branding and specifications.

Q3: What Shipping Methods Do You Typically Use?
A3: We typically use DHL/TNT for air transportation to ensure fast and reliable delivery of our products to customers worldwide.

Q4: How Do You Ensure the Safe Transportation of Your Machines?
A4: We take multiple precautions to ensure safe transportation. Our machines are well-protected with thick foam padding,moisture-resistant cloth bags, and sturdy aluminum cases designed for air travel. We use triple-layer packaging to safeguard the machines during transit.

Q5: What Are the Benefits of Choosing Your OEM Services?
A5: Our OEM services offer several advantages, including customized branding, product specifications, and packaging. You can
create a unique product line tailored to your target market. Additionally, our experienced team ensures high-quality manufacturing.

Q6: Can You Provide Certification for Your Products?
A6: Yes, our products are certified, and you can find EC, CE, TUV, and ISO certificates on our official website. These certifications guarantee the quality and safety of our beauty devices.

Q7: Have Your Machines Undergone Clinical Testing?
A7: Yes, our machines have undergone clinical testing to ensure their safety and efficacy. We provide test data free of charge to demonstrate the performance and reliability of our products.

Q8: Do You Offer Training for the Proper Use of Your Machines?
A8: Yes, we provide one-to-one training to ensure that customers understand how to operate and maintain our machines correctly.Our goal is to help customers maximize the benefits of our beauty devices.

Q9: What Sets Your Company Apart in the Beauty Device Manufacturing Industry?
A9: We differentiate ourselves through our extensive experience, commitment to quality, and comprehensive OEM services. With 17 years in the industry, we have a strong track record of delivering top-notch beauty devices to our clients worldwide.

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