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Product Information


Long Jaw Vernier Caliper Series 534

Series 534


  • Long jaws for measuring hard-to-reach features.
  • Fine adjustment for more accurate measurement
    (except 534-109 and 534-110)
  • Supplied in fitted wooden case.





About Jimk Nikko Kizai Original Carbide End Mill

A joint development by NIKKOKIZAI and Hitachi Tool!

Jimk Panacea is a heat-resistant coating that has excellent ability to stick to various materials. It is extremely hard (3000HV) and therefore is abrasion resistant.
This all-purpose tool is effective with a wide range of materials, from carbon steel (soft steel) to hardened steel (under 52HRC).

Jimk ATH is newly developed coating maintains the current wear and tear resistant qualities while providing improved lubricity through the use of nano-crystalline grains.
This can be used on a wide range of materials, from prehardened steel (harder than 40HRC) to hardened steel.
For use with copper, aluminum, and resin machining.

SD(DLC) coating ball end mill that shines in seven colors.

SD(DLC) long neck ball end mill that shines in seven colors.

Jimk NK Carbide End Mill is Low-cost, high performance, from mold cutting to parts cutting
Material: nonferrous, resin, aluminum, copper, steel up to HRC 50

Jimk Nikko original endmill are certified that these are extremely precise in the domestic market.


About Cutting Tools

Our main itmes, cutting tools, we supply Japanese famous brands like Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool, OSG and many manny Japanese brands..
We have particular blades and coatings that are suitable for metal patterns, mild steel, hardened metals, copper, and aluminum.
We provide a lineup of two bladed, four bladed, ball, and ribbed ball cutters, various sizes and items available.
High precision and high quality with good price cutting tools here.
Carbide End Mill, HSS End Mill, Drill, Tap, Reamer, Insert and other cutting tools available.


About Toolings

We have some Japanese famous maker's toolings, hydraulic chuk, shrink chuk, collet chuk and other tool holders. High accuracy and
low cost, speedy measuring operation, suitable for your machining processes.

Hydraulic Chuck
It is suitable for machining processes that require high runout accuracy, for burnishing drills/reamers, ball end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools.

Shrink Chuck
Slim design avoids interference with the side wall and draft of the mold.

Collet Chuck
High precision collet, nut and body that outperforms standard ER systems. Reliable and stable runout accuracy will also tremendously contribute to improving machining capability and cost reduction. The ERC collet with the best runout accuracy in the world.


About Measuring Equipments

We have many Japanese famous maker's measring instruments.
High accuracy and low cost, speedy measuring operation, suitable for your machining processes.

Three-dimensional measuring instruments
High accuracy and low cost

Digital venire calipers
Further smooth slider surface, waterprof, solar powered, various types here

For variable measuring force, speedy measuring operation

Height gauges
Universal type, universal type to square column, standard type


About High Precision Machine

We have some Japanese famous maker's high precision machine, Full Digital Control Die-sinking EDM - Aitronix AX1601
Broken Tap Remover EDM - JIGTEC TAPTOR D and High precision Digital Microscope - HiROX and other working machines.
High accuracy and low cost, speedy operation, suitable for your machining processes.
Easy operation and High efficiency available.


About other products

We have particular parts and other products that are suitable for mold and mold parts.
Many kinds of consumption goods available like chemical products,
Polishing and deburring items also available.



Our Suppliers


Company Introduction



NIKKOKIZAI INC. was established in 1974. Since then, NIKKOKIZAI has been dedicatedly selling cutting tools and parts, polishing tools, jigs, and measuring instruments in compliance with the needs of die manufacturers.

In response the recent needs of low-price dies, NIKKOKIZAI has been making efforts toward the development of tools improving the efficiency of production and offering them at reasonable prices.

It is NIKKOKIZAI's motto to work with mold manufacturers continuously.



Our Motto "Together with Mold Maker"

  • To increase accuracy
  • To reduct costs
  • Work efficiency
  • The act of prolonging rool's life
  • The shortening of work hours


To make people enrich through our brand power with tradition and innovation A Pride creating together.

We realize 960 companies full of wealth and reflect them together!





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