Цилиндрический/глиноземный/AL2O3/керамический тигель из оксида алюминия/для


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Описание и отзывы


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Product Description


 - Material&Purity:

 1. Alumina 99.7%

 2. HPBN 99%

 3. PBN 99.99%

 - Shape:

 Cylindrical / Conical / Boat / Special Customized Shape

 - Typical Characteristics:

 1. High Purity

 2. Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

 3. Oustanding Thermal Expansion

 4. Withstand Extreme High Temperature

 5. Corrosion Resistant

 6. Pollution-free


Product Show


DSC_0417_Conical Crucible

DSC_0511_Cylindrical Crucible







 1. Thermal Analysis

 2. Melting Metal / Alloy / Glass


 1. Melting Metal / Alloy / Rare Earth

 2. Precious Metal Purification

 3. Electron Beam Evaporation Deposition

 4. Sputtering Depostion

 4. Fluorescent Powder Sintering


 LEC / MBE / VGF Method for Synthesis Of:

 1. Semiconductor Single Crystal

 2. GaS, InP and GaP Single Crystal

 3. III-V Compound 


Production Process

 Ceramic Production Process.jpg


Packaging & Shipping


Buying Guides

In your inquiry, please provide as detailed imformation as you can for our evaluation.


1. Material:

If you are not sure what exact material you need, please tell us your requests on material performance and your specific application, according to which we will offer you the most suitable material. 

2. Drawing:

Please make sure the drawing is clear with all of your technical requests so that we can quote asap.

3. Size / Volume:

If you don't have a drawing, please tell us the approx size or volume, we will offer our standard size for your reference.

4. Quantity

The last but not the least, don't forget to tell us the quantity you need to get our best offer.


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