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Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Metal Roof Mounting Clamp

Traditional solution for the trapezoidal metal roof. It's a penetrating solution which is combined with L hook and rail
This clamp is mounted directly onto the crown of the panel, straddling the profile. Secure it by 4 sets of screws with EPDM rubber and washer.
Trapezoidal Metal Roof Mounting Clamp
Stainless steel 304
SGS / ISO9001/ ASNZS1170/Quality / MCS/Guarantee
Solar Metal Roof, Tin Roof
12 years warranty, 25 years life time
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 Quality: Anodizing layer ≥ 12 μm
Tensile Strength≥ 260N/MM2
Non-proportional elongation strength ≥ 240N/MM2
Elongation after break ≥8%
SGS, ISO approved

* Warranty:12 years with 25 years lifetime

* Lead time: 7-15 days

*Price: Factory direct, no extra costs

* Quantity: Spare parts will be offered

* Production capacity: 4000000pcs/mon

* Service: OEM, ODM accepted

* Experience: 11 years as a manufacturer

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